Coloured Transparent PVC Cards

Coloured semi-transparent matte PVC cards

For the production of our coloured uniformly matte cards, we select the best PVC plastic material for this task. This allows light rays to penetrate through the plastic, although it is not completely transparent, which gives the business card a nice, matte look.

Quality and durability

  • Cards made of this type of plastic are characterized by modern and impressive appearance.


  • Perfect as discount cards, loyalty cards, business cards, company cards, calendars, tags, passes, access maps, etc.


  • We can print inside cards made of two half-sheets – thanks to this they are entirely in a specific semi-transparent colour.


  • We can use a full CMYK + White overprint or at the customer’s request in Pantone Coated colours.


  • We often apply clear lacquer to the finished card for protection. This also gives it a nicer appearance and makes it more expressive.

UV Spot Gloss

Add elegance to your cards with UV spot varnish. The best quality and accuracy of the selective varnish coating allows for a unique distinction of selected elements of the business card. Additionally, we can make 3D convex lacquer hardened with best UV lamps – which gives a noticeable raised effect to the touch.


The technology of selective varnishing aka “spot gloss” in recent years has developed to such an extent that in 2019 the quality and detail of varnished elements that can be made is far better than ever before.

Your semi-transparent cards with Pantone colors

Our machine park allows us to produce cards printed in individual colours according to Pantone Coated specifications (specific Pantone C colour numbers). In order to make such colours on cards we use screen printing technology. You can choose from any palette available in Pantone Coated, including Pastels & Neons from 2019!


If you or your designer are not sure how to prepare the design properly, we can help you free of charge.

Metallic pearlescent underprint

On semi-transparent PVC cards we can make screen printing of metallic pearl colours giving a unique effect of opalescent backgrounds. Cards with such refinement are ideal when you want to offer your customers discount cards that will not only be remembered, but will hold a particularly important place in their wallets.

Edge to edge graphics

Many of our competitors automate the card production process. The automation process often does not allow to extend the printing to the very edge of the card, which limits the designer’s possibilities.


However, our company has chosen a different, more traditional production process and we are proud of it. Each card is made on a machine properly matched to the type of printing and customer’s final expectations, which allows us to offer many cool solutions, not available elsewhere.

Our free “My Real-Card” design service

If you already have a business card designed and you can send it to us, we will gladly convert it to meet the design requirements for business cards printed by us. We can even add or modify your project if necessary, without additional costs (as long as the project we receive is at least to some extent editable).


The result will be a nice 3D visual experience of how your project will look like! On this basis we prepare the calculation of printing costs and send it to your approval before the invoice & print.

QR Codes

We can generate and add a QR code to your business cards. They are easily scanned and readable for most iOS and Android mobile devices. The most common information in these codes is your website, email or contact information. We often add links to social profiles, e.g. on Facebook, instagram accounts, as well as a link to a location in google maps or a booking system (e.g. for a SPA salon or a restaurant).


In some industries, a QR code with a V-card or Me-Card business card is essential to quickly transfer data, scan business cards and add them to your contacts. The industries associated with new technologies most often use such modern solutions, but not in every industry such a code is advisable – ask our designers for a suggestion whether your business card should have a QR code.