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Letterpress triplex card with hotstamping- Audio/Visual Art

This is a triplex business card with embossed hotstamp logo and text and die cut corners. High manufacturing precision as well as it’s high tech look make it a perfect card for any business or organization looking to freshen up their image.


  made from 3 layers of 300gsm stocks combined with polymer

  two layers of 100% ecological black cotton stock (Poudre Noire) with bright yellow layer inside

  gold foil hotstamping with embossing on both sides

  embossed blind-print filled with glossy UV spot

  corner die-cut

  classic credit card size to suit any wallet perfectly


MATERIALS: triplex, 3 layers of paper
TECHNIQUES USED: Die cut, Embossed, hotstamping, triplex
APPX. PRODUCTION TIME: 2-3 weeks (rush available)

Premium Paper Cards