Premium metal cards

Our premium metal business cards

We offer our metal business cards in three thickness variants. Our cards are created using highest grade stainless steel.


We possess unique abilities to die cut creative shapes with great precision and this allows us to not only cut shapes into the card itself, but also create cards with custom shapes.


In addition to cutting, we can etch multi-color text or graphics directly into the metal. Metal business cards are categorized as the most exclusive form of business cards. Our cards are top quality. We guarantee it.

Highest quality precision production

  • Details such as text and graphics are etched using acids. The card is than coated with a specialized protective foil which is than exposed to an ultraviolet light. The areas where etching is required are exposed and the rest of the area is blocked by the foil.


  • During the etching process, the acid eliminates the outer layer of the card. Thanks to this process a lighter core is exposed. This allows the text and graphics to be easily readable against a dark background of the card.


  • Using the same, but longer double side process, we can achieve the effect of spotted translucency in the business card.

Highest quality stainless steel

All our metal business cards are produced using highest quality stainless steel. This allows us to guarantee a uniform texture of the metal as well as its color even with very large quantities.


The metal that we use has the unique ability to retain its shape even if bent. Our business cards will not corrode or rust and are very durable against the elements.

Cut & Etch

During our production process, we can cut, engrave or etch the metal with highest precision. We use the latest technology to create the most unique projects.


The precision and many different techniques we use allow us to design and create mini works of art.

Individual shapes

We can customize your business cards not only using cool and innovative graphics but also using custom shapes. Your card is no longer limited to be a plain old rectangle. Instead, it can follow the shape of yorur logo, product or offer. We can also cut individual shapes within the card itself. There are a lot of great possibilities.

Our free “My business card” Visual service

If you already have a business card designed and send us your design, we will gladly convert it to match the design requirements for a metal business card. We can even add or modify your design as needed.


The result will be a nice 3D visual of how your design will look in metal.