Our paper business cards

Natural raw materials, letterpress printing on thick stocks, offset and the top quality digital printing as well as silkscreen and the most attractive types of refinements such as hotstamping, selective UV varnishing, metallic edge gliding and many others. We can choose the paper that suits your needs – from cotton, through recycling paper, pastel-coloured paper with kiwi peel added in the mass of raw material or even paper with a natural wood, carbon or concrete texture. We offer only reliable and proven stocks from US and leading European paper manufacturers.


We design these cards to maximize the use of most innovative technologies in combination with timeless printing techniques. Our capabilities go far beyond the topic of business cards – if you need to present your business better on any printed form – from leaflets and brochures to folders, calendars and catalogues of the highest quality – get in touch with us right now!

Duplex & Triplex paper cards

Your business card does not have to be thin and ordinary. We can make thick business cards, which can be composed of several sheets of paper joined together by polymer to form a so-called sandwich.
The effect is a stiff, exclusive business card, and the layers for its production can be freely adjusted to your requirements.


For example, we can make a front with a flock surface with hotstamping gold plating, a red contrast sheet in the middle and the back of a business card made of white matte cotton sheet with embossing. Your and our creative invention is the only limitation 🙂

Embossing & Debossing

A process which uses a specially made matrix form that mechanically hits the paper at high pressure leaving a visible graphic and/or text on the paper’s surface. In letterpress technology, we can emboss-deboss with (Pantone PMS colors) or without print (blind-print) depending on the customer’s needs. In the case of thin raw materials we can make concave-convex emboss-deboss, which gives an interesting effect while maintaining relatively low costs.


An embossed logo always adds exclusivity and elegance to your business card.

Full foil coating

One of the basic methods that adds elegance to a business card is to be coated with a premium soft silky foil or a uniformly hi-glossy foil that increases the contrast and saturation of colours printed on the paper. It protects the print from damage, dirt and humidity. The business card is covered with a very thin transparent layer of foil applied “hot” on the surface.


This method adds elegance, firmness and exclusive look to the whole business card.

UV Spot Gloss

Another method that adds elegance to business cards is UV spot varnish. The best quality and accuracy of the selective varnish coating allows for a unique distinction of selected elements of the business card. Additionally, we can make 3D convex lacquer hardened with UV lamps – which gives a noticeable raised effect to the touch.


The technology of selective varnishing aka “spot gloss” in recent years has developed to such an extent that in 2019 the quality and detail of varnished elements that can be made is far better than ever before.

Hotstamping & Liquid Gold

A technology that allows to make metallic elements on paper. Thanks to this technique we can achieve unique results that are not available in any other way. For the production of such elements we use the same matrices as for classic embossing / debossing (see above).


The process of such refinement consists in stamping the previously prepared vector elements with a custom-made matrix covered with a special metallic foil, creating a beautiful-looking imprint. Many plating colours are available, including gold, silver, copper, pink gold and rainbow foil as well as black glossy foil.


An alternative solution to achieve a convex gold plating without matrix is Liquid Gold – a technology in which the elements to be gold plated are coated with a special lacquer which, after hardening, gives a metallic surface. This is the most reasonable solution if you want a convex gold plating – the only limit is the availability of colours: only gold and silver.