Premium PVC Business Cards

Transparent PVC Cards

For the production of translucent business cards, we use a very unique polymer plastic that allows some but not all light to pass through the plastic. Thanks to this characteristic, we are able to come up with very interesting and innovative designs for the PVC business cards.


Thanks to the transparency, we can create very elegant water marks or create some interesting backgrounds that add tone to the whole card.


These business cards are handmade using traditional artistic methods. Each paint layer is applied individually in a different process. This allows us to achieve the greatest amount of details for your graphics.


In addition, we offer a wide variety of different metallic foils or paints that when applied to the PVC card add dramatic exclusive effects and make them very rich and elegant.

Colored translucent PVC business cards

Our colored plastic business cards are made by using a special laminate plastic filled with a colored gel in a layer of a translucent polymer. This creates a colored transparency effect to them.


The surface of the PVC business cards have a matte finish which diffuses the light. This adds a unique artistic effect to the overall design.



We can add a special foil or a metallic paint on every PVC card by using manual traditional techniques with even the smallest details being visible.

Black or White, satin PVC business cards

These are very stylish and elegant business cards with a nice satin finish. They are made of special plastic polymer in white or black.


Thanks to the unique texture of this polymer, we can design very unique contrasting graphics with glossy finishes that stand out nicely from the satin finish of the whole background.


We can also add metallic accents on the surface and add special color foils. The finished cards will be as unique as you can imagine.

Full color, satin PVC business cards

Our full color PVC business cards are made with full vibrant colors and are one of the most durable pvc options.


Unlike most mass produced PVC business cards on the market, we infuse the print in between two transparent PVC layers. This preserves the print from the elements and lets us use matte and glossy finishes.


These cards come in three different thicknesses.