Full color PVC plastic business cards

Our full color PVC plastic cards

Out full color PVC cards are printed using full color spectrum. These cards are created by digitally printing full color text and graphics and then infusing this print within two layers of transparent plastic.


This protects the print and allows the card to be in either matt or glossy finish. These cards come in 3 different thickness options.


This allows us to create even the most detailed graphics.

Handmade craftsmanship

  • Each color is applied to the plastic at the temperature of 400°F as well as under a great deal of pressure in order to achieve the best adherence to the surface.


  • Each color is applied individually during a separate process.

Matte or glossy finish

You can choose between both types. Glossy or matt finish of your card. The printed full color graphics are infused in between two PVC plastic layers to protect it from the elements.


The card is fused together at high temperature. The finished product looks, feels and is a complete solid plastic piece with no traces of fusing.

Three thickness options

Thanks to using different plastic densities, we can offer these cards at three different thicknesses.


Our thinnest PVC cards are 420 microns thick. This is the most cost effective option. The mid-size thickness is 680 microns. They give you the durability at a reduced cost. The thickest PVC card that we offer is 760 microns and they are as thick as a standard business card.

Our free “My business card” Visual service

If you already have a business card designed and send us your design, we will gladly convert it to match the design requirements for a metal business card. We can even add or modify your design as needed.


The result will be a nice 3D visual of how your design will look in metal.

QR Codes

We can generate and add a QR code to your business cards. They are easily scanned and readable by many mobile devices. The most common information in these codes is your website, email or contact information.

Pictures & gradients

Our plastic full color business cards are ideal for printing of full color graphics and pictures.


We use CMYK full color digital printing to achieve all possibel colors and gradients.